I used to roll my eyes at people when they talked about February being the month of LOVE. I thought it was stupid to have one day set aside to express your love for your special someone because I thought that however you acted on February 14 was how you should be acting all year. These last few years, I have changed my thinking.

I think February is a beautiful time to express our love. Life is so full and busy, and even when we do date weekly, our relationship can still use some extra care and attention. This is why I am dedicating today's post to my love. 

I'm sharing 10 things I love about us. It's okay if you don't want to read it. What I want you to do is to look at your own relationship and find 10 things that you love about it. This creates a feeling of abundance.

You can take it even further by adding in a few things that you want to have in your relationship that you don't yet have. So, for every two things that you already have and like, add a new one for growth. 

As humans, we are always evolving and growing. Keep your relationship alive by paying attention to it and nurturing it.

Here's my ten, in no special order, because there is no order for love. 

1. our weekly dates

I love our weekly dates. Most of the time we just go out for coffee on Saturday mornings. It doesn't sound like much, but the benefit is so great. I love our conversations.

2. our sense of humor

Okay, so maybe you have a better sense of humor than I do, but you really know how to make me laugh, even when I don't feel like it. I love that we can cheer each other up and we have fun as a family.

3. how well we work together

I think we work so well together. From how things are run at home, to how we are in our relationship with each other, to how we operate as a family. We have so much love and respect. I value that so much.

4. The fact that we make pretty stellar kids

I totally don't care if I'm biased here. We make pretty stellar kids. I can't imagine life without them. They wouldn't be who they are without both of us. It's love multiplied.

5. That we both love coffee

The fact that you love coffee as much as I do has given me freedom to buy the best and to drink as much as I want without criticism. Having coffee together is always something we are willing to do.

6. The fact that we both love chocolate

I couldn't talk about coffee without talking about chocolate. You can have your milky, creamy, smooth chocolate, and I will take my 86% cacao. 

7. That we share the same dreams

I love how I can share my dreams with you and you pick up on them and want the same things. I feel like there are great things in store for us. Our future feels exciting. I can't believe we've been together 12 years. I wonder what the next 12 will be like.

8. that we both give 100%

There is no meeting in the middle. You understand this so well. It's not I do a little and you do a little. We both give 100%. You are better at this than I am, I feel spoiled most of the time. 

9. that we both love the mountains

Sometimes we talk about what would have been, if you never moved here, and we stayed in Wyoming together. The mountains are calling. They will always be calling. You can take us out of the mountains, but the mountains will always be in us. Adventure awaits.

10. That our relationship is the most important thing

EVER. It's more important than our kids. (That's why they will never sleep with us.) It's more important than business. It's more important than anything. I wouldn't be who I am if not for you. I love keeping us as number one. I love how we commit to love, no matter what. We are perfect for each other.

There is only love or lack of love.

I hope you all have love.

Happy month of love, my friends!