How to Have a Better Day in Just One Step

There is one thing I do to have a better day everyday. Everyone enjoys having good days. Is it reasonable to have a good day everyday? Sometimes bad days help us appreciate the good ones. I prefer to have a good day most days. You can too.

If there is one thing that’s going to guarantee my day to be good it is this: I get up before my kids are up.

Get up at least 30 minutes before your kids get up.

Don't have kids? Then give yourself an extra 30 minutes in the morning before you have to leave for work.

The results are amazing. There are so many great early risers. Napoleon. Benjamin Franklin. Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO, begins his day at 4:30. So do Bob Iger (Disney CEO), and Tim Cook (Apple CEO).  When you look at the lives of successful people you can see how much more you can accomplish just by rising early. This is how we get ahead in our lives.

Perhaps, as a mother, you aren't interested in getting ahead. That’s okay. You don't have to do anything extra in the morning.

Just take care of yourself.

Have a nice hot shower and get dressed without little ones banging on your door, screaming for breakfast.

Wear something nice because you are worth it and it will make you feel better and your husband will appreciate it and your children will come to value you more.

And if you sit in silence on the sofa in the stillness of the morning, don't berate yourself for just sitting.

Stop telling yourself that you should get up and get going.

I know there is plenty to be done when you have children, a husband, and a home to take care of. Just sit there and enjoy the peaceful morning, think how wonderful it is, this quietness pervaded with thought.

Picture your day flowing gracefully from one activity to the next. This is visualization, and it does work. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Opra Winfrey, and Will Smith have practiced visualization to help them get where they are today.

Keep your thoughts positive, and relax.

Get up early and enjoy better days.

I started getting up around 5 again, with my husband. It is hard getting out of bed (especially being pregnant) but I love the solitude and preparedness it brings. I stumble to the kitchen and fill a glass of water. I have to drink water first thing. It clears my head somewhat; the cold wetness slipping down my throat and into my empty stomach.

I turn on my espresso machine and prep it for americano's. It's still dark outside. My husband is making his lunch and we're quiet together in the kitchen. It's a nice quiet. I like being up with him and seeing him before the day starts.

I start heating water just to boiling and wait for my machine to heat up. I think about how I should be making Sky's lunch, about other wives and how they are probably making their husbands lunches.

I think about what I’m going to do when my coffee is ready. I really should go workout before having coffee, but this machine is loud; if I make my coffee as early as I make Sky's then the kids don't wake up.

It's just under three minutes and the water is ready. My machine is waiting. I put a couple scoops of espresso into the porta filter and pull my shots. They are beautiful. I never tire of watching the creamy espresso steaming its way into the espresso cup, the three layers forming. I pour the shots over the hot water. This americano is ready to be enjoyed by my husband.

I start on making my own coffee. Sky embraces me, and then he is off to work. The espresso machine seems obnoxiously loud  without the background noise of my husband. I finish pulling my own shots and I can't wait to start sipping my coffee. I grab something small to eat (usually a granola bar and a banana) to hold me off until breakfast. I take my morning snack and my coffee downstairs to my room where I write and read and sip my coffee without worrying about waking the kids.

I enjoy this time immensely.

A little before seven I put my things away and shower. When I go back upstairs the house is still quiet but it's light outside and I can hear the birds chirping. My little toddler will be up asking, "Mom, can I stay up?" with sweet innocence in his eyes. I take him in my arms and we sit together for a while, some days snuggling, other days giggling. It feels so good to be ready for the day.

Waking early does that. What is the one thing that makes you have a better day?