If you have everything you've ever wanted and you're still not happy, I can help you.  No matter where you are in your motherhood journey, my process will help you create more freedom in your life so you can feel content.


I'm Marinda.

After getting married and having kids, I was overwhelmed with anxiety and never had time for me. Not exactly what I thought being a mom would be like! But I found life coaching and created a process to live my best life. I cut my anxiety in half and fell in love with being a mom while taking better care of myself than ever before.

Now I use what I’ve learned to help moms just like you have time for their passion projects. I’ll show you how to maintain a clean house and navigate the energy at home so you can feel energized and have fun.


Learn how to stay on top of the cleaning + laundry with less effort.


Go from busy, frustrated and annoyed to organized, relaxed, and happy.


Have time + energy to be creative and improve your self care.

My Story

I knew there had to be more to life than crabby kids, a messy house, and never ending laundry. Hey. I’m Marinda, and I figured out how to genuinely love my life (and my 6 kids) even though I thought everything had to change.

The problem was, I wasn’t making time for me. I’d stay in bed as long as I could and then I’d complain about taking care of my kids. I wasted my time doing things that didn’t fill me up and go to bed feeling like everything was pointless.

Then I learned how the American Buffalo is a symbol of abundance + manifestation: when you have what you have, you can have more. Everything clicked for me. The reason I was so unhappy had nothing to do with my life, and everything to do with how I was spending my time.

I figured out how to make time for me (and my business), even with the kids at home. I realized I could do what I wanted and it was way easier than I thought.

I knew I had to share this with other moms because it changed my life.

Why I Do It

That’s why I got certified as a Life Coach. I have the best tools to help you feel better AND have your own time.

I love working with moms like you because I know how hard it can be and how alone you can feel when you don’t want to complain about your life so you hold it all inside.

When you work with me you will learn how to organize your time in a simple way so you can do what you want. I know you can do this because I hold your hand and help you each step of the way. You’re going to feel supported. You’re going to know the smallest first step to take and what to do next to keep the momentum going.

After our time together you will feel better about your life. You will be organized. You will look forward to waking up and having your own time will just be part of who you are. You will know what fills you up and how to give yourself what you need so you never have to feel like you don’t want to deal with the kids.

Your entire life will transform in the most delicious way ever.

Ready to get Started?

You will have at least 2 hours to yourself everyday when you follow my process. After you complete your purchase, I'll send you an invite to WhatsApp and I'll guide you through each step of the process. Your success is guaranteed.